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Divergent 3D: The Year in Pictures


It’s been just over a year now since we first introduced Divergent 3D and Blade to the world at the Solid Conference in San Francisco… and what a ride it’s been.


The Solid Conference was the public’s first opportunity to get up close and personal with Blade. The presentation from CEO Kevin Czinger on creating a sustainable path forward for the auto industry was a rousing success and kicked Divergent 3D into high gear.


Over the next 12 months, Divergent moved ahead full throttle. We received worldwide acclaim and were covered in hundreds of news media outlets.


Blade also made several TV appearances including BBC Horizon.


And Blade and our innovative technology behind it even landed us on the cover of Popular Science.


Blade turned heads and received celebrity status everywhere it went. On a trip to LA, Blade was given the Hollywood treatment.


And garnered the attention of A-list celebrities like Jay Leno, seen here talking to Kevin Czinger.


Blade was also the star of several videos including one shot on the landmark Sixth Street Bridge in Los Angeles, just days before the bridge was demolished.


But there was plenty of substance to go along with all of Blade’s style. Divergent 3D received numerous recognition and awards including a Google Solve for X Moonshot for our breakthrough technology that solves a huge problem.


We also took part in presentations with the next generation of Divergent thinkers, inspiring the youth of today who will create the technology of tomorrow.


As we enter year two here at Divergent 3D, the future is bright. Our team remains focused to revolutionize car manufacturing and reduce its harmful environmental impacts on the planet.


It’s been quite a ride for us at Divergent 3D over the last year and we’ve enjoyed meeting so many of you and sharing our vision for a cleaner, greener planet.

We’d like to thank you for your support and invite you all along for the ride as we continue to drive the future.

–Divergent 3D

Divergent 3D is always looking ahead and the future looks bright.  Cognizant that the millennial generation will continue to pave the way in technological innovations, Divergent 3D CEO Kevin Czinger happily accepted an invitation to speak at Lennox Academy, a STEM-focused charter high school in Lennox, California. 

Kevin and VP of Structural Engineering Tonio Martinez addressed 200 high school students, highlighting the company’s vision to not only reduce the pollution and production costs of auto manufacturing, but also put this technology in the hands of innovators.  Outlining the hazards of current vehicle manufacturing and explaining the need for a smarter alternative, they explained how a new technology base, coupled with 3D printing, has the potential to create a new world: “one with smarter, cleaner, and far more innovative products” that can improve our planet’s sustainability for future generations.

Both students and faculty members alike swarmed around the amphitheater to be photographed beside Blade.  Having printed 3D plastic models in their engineering classes, the students were in awe to see a car-size application of 3D printing technology.  Their excitement and fascination were apparent as they bore witness to what is achievable.  The key takeaway: what we can imagine today is well within the realm of possibility tomorrow.  We don’t look at where technology is today; we look at where it’s going.

And these students are the faces of the future.

We are delighted by their positive reaction and likewise excited for what is to come. The students at Lennox have a bright future ahead of them and we’re beyond thrilled to watch what they will create in the years to follow.

Lennox Academy Master h264 compressed from Wendy Cheng on Vimeo.


Divergent 3D “Crushes” It in Napa

Divergent 3D Founder & CEO Kevin Czinger and Blade took a trip up to Napa this week, but it wasn’t to visit one of the world’s finest wine regions. The duo was part of Xconomy’s Napa Summit 2016, a two-day event that brought technologists, business leaders, and investors together to explore what’s over the horizon in technology, jobs, and growth.


Kevin gave a presentation on 3D-printed cars and the hazards of traditional manufacturing. Kevin talked about the need for “environmentally beautiful” vehicles that both “increase functionality and radically reduce the material and energy that goes into building those vehicles or other complex structures.” Kevin also stressed the importance of “building in a way that is very responsive to the environment and to consumers and the economy.”

One of the more dramatic moments in Kevin’s presentation was his story about a recent visit to Shanghai where he experienced firsthand the harmful effects of manufacturing pollution. Kevin recounted how his lungs ached for three days after he went out for a 30-minute walk against the advice of colleagues who warned him that the air was bad that day. Kevin concluded that unless there is dramatic change within the manufacturing industry, “we’re going to create an entire generation of young people that are going to have lower IQ’s, shorter life spans, and many, many more health problems.”


Kevin went on to outline Divergent’s disruptive 3D approach to manufacturing and the technology behind it, including the creation of Blade to “show that the technology would withstand the demands of a supercar.” With Blade in attendance, attendees had the opportunity to take a test ride in the world’s first 3D-printed supercar and experience how Divergent 3D is creating a greener, lighter, and safer future for the automotive industry and beyond.

This week, Divergent 3D Founder & CEO Kevin Czinger had the honor of speaking at the Singularity University Executive Program. The event gathers visionaries, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives to lead discussions on current and future technological innovations that have the potential to disrupt and transform the world as we know it. Among the key focus areas at this conference: 3D printing.


Andre Wegner, the founder and CEO of Authentise, that helps companies get their designs ready to be 3D-printed, set the stage talking about the disruptiveness of 3D printing before seguing into Divergent 3D’s technology, which he called “the most exciting thing to happen at Singularity in years.”


Kevin shared with the audience Divergent 3D’s mission to revolutionize auto manufacturing. Showcasing the Divergent Manufacturing Platform™ and our proprietary Node™ technology, Kevin explained how Divergent 3D’s innovation radically reduces the materials, energy, and costs of manufacturing. But Kevin wasn’t done just yet. In the tradition of Steve Jobs, there was “one more thing…”


To show just what was possible with Divergent 3D’s platform, Kevin took his discussion outside to let conference attendees get up close and personal with Blade, the world’s first 3D-printed supercar that is built upon Divergent 3D’s technology.  Kevin took questions from the audience about Blade and attendees were invited to sit inside the supercar and experience it for themselves.


The theme of the Singularity event was “Disrupt or Be Disrupted.” Divergent 3D is proud to be in the “Disrupt” category, as we continue to strive to overhaul manufacturing from an economic, environmental, and creative standpoint. Our reception at Singularity was overwhelmingly positive and we had a great time meeting with like-minded individuals who share a common goal of developing technology to make a positive impact on the planet.