1.What does Divergent do?

Our focus is to radically reduce the materials, energy use, pollution and cost of car manufacturing, and to put new tools of production and innovation into the hands of small teams around the world. To achieve this, we will provide the necessary tools for people to set up a microfactory, and the technologies to allow them to build vehicles. We will also sell a limited number of high performance vehicles that will be manufactured in our own microfactory.

2.What is a microfactory?

A microfactory refers to a small factory. The main advantages are to save great amounts of resources like space, energy, materials and time.

3.How many cars could a microfactory produce?

It could produce from a few cars up to 10,000 cars per year for production factories

4.What types of vehicles could be built using your technology?

You could build anything from a two-seat sports car to a pickup.

5.What are the NODE™ connectors?

Divergent’s NODE connectors are the key building block we developed to build cars. They are connectors made of a metal alloy and are produced using 3D printers. The NODE™connectors in conjunction with carbon fiber structural materials are the key components in building a car chassis. With this approach we can build a very strong and very light chassis, and do so while saving energy and generating less pollution.

6.Why did you decide to take the NODE™ approach?

Because it is revolutionary. It dematerializes and democratizes auto manufacturing, and it enables continuous long-term innovation and adaptation.

7.How long did it take you to build the car?

It took less than 30 minutes to assemble the chassis by hand.

8.What is the car body made of?

The prototype is composite.  Since the body is not structural, it could be made from virtually anything – even spandex.

9.What is the total weight of the car?

1,388 pounds.

10.What kind of performance is the car capable of?

It goes from 0-60 in about 2.5 seconds. That’s faster than a McLaren P1 supercar. It also has 2x the power-to-weight ratio of a Bugatti Veyron.

11.What type of engine does it use?

It uses a 700 HP, 4-cylinder turbocharged internal combustion engine fueled by compressed natural gas or gasoline.

12.Is the technology strong enough to build safe cars?

Absolutely. We have tested the strength and durability of the chassis, and it is even stronger than current technology.