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Since Divergent 3D’s inception, we’ve been on a mission to revolutionize manufacturing and provide a sustainable path forward for the automotive industry.

The world – and the biggest name in automotive tech – is taking notice.

Google’s Solve for X, a global community that aims to surface brilliant scientific innovations and technological breakthroughs that have the potential to solve humanity’s major problems, has given Divergent 3D “Moonshot” status.

Google’s definition of a Moonshot is a project or proposal that:

  1. Addresses a huge problem
  2. Proposes a radical solution
  3. Uses breakthrough technology

Being deemed a Moonshot is a great honor. Other recipients include PHDs, scientists, and researchers who are working to end disease and famine. To be included in such company is validation that what we are working on is important, significant, and substantial.

We are particularly honored to be the first and only vehicle manufacturer to be a Moonshot recipient. It’s no secret that Google is working on automotive innovations, so to be identified as cutting edge and radical by the company that sets the benchmark in tech is particularly gratifying.

We are thrilled to receive this endorsement and to be welcomed into the Moonshot community. It is testament to our technology’s potential, and commitment to reduce the environmental impact of auto manufacturing and contribute to a cleaner, greener planet. We shoot for the moon in everything we do, and to be recognized by Solve for X only motivates us further.