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Divergent 3D “Crushes” It in Napa

Divergent 3D Founder & CEO Kevin Czinger and Blade took a trip up to Napa this week, but it wasn’t to visit one of the world’s finest wine regions. The duo was part of Xconomy’s Napa Summit 2016, a two-day event that brought technologists, business leaders, and investors together to explore what’s over the horizon in technology, jobs, and growth.


Kevin gave a presentation on 3D-printed cars and the hazards of traditional manufacturing. Kevin talked about the need for “environmentally beautiful” vehicles that both “increase functionality and radically reduce the material and energy that goes into building those vehicles or other complex structures.” Kevin also stressed the importance of “building in a way that is very responsive to the environment and to consumers and the economy.”

One of the more dramatic moments in Kevin’s presentation was his story about a recent visit to Shanghai where he experienced firsthand the harmful effects of manufacturing pollution. Kevin recounted how his lungs ached for three days after he went out for a 30-minute walk against the advice of colleagues who warned him that the air was bad that day. Kevin concluded that unless there is dramatic change within the manufacturing industry, “we’re going to create an entire generation of young people that are going to have lower IQ’s, shorter life spans, and many, many more health problems.”


Kevin went on to outline Divergent’s disruptive 3D approach to manufacturing and the technology behind it, including the creation of Blade to “show that the technology would withstand the demands of a supercar.” With Blade in attendance, attendees had the opportunity to take a test ride in the world’s first 3D-printed supercar and experience how Divergent 3D is creating a greener, lighter, and safer future for the automotive industry and beyond.