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Divergent 3D is always looking ahead and the future looks bright.  Cognizant that the millennial generation will continue to pave the way in technological innovations, Divergent 3D CEO Kevin Czinger happily accepted an invitation to speak at Lennox Academy, a STEM-focused charter high school in Lennox, California. 

Kevin and VP of Structural Engineering Tonio Martinez addressed 200 high school students, highlighting the company’s vision to not only reduce the pollution and production costs of auto manufacturing, but also put this technology in the hands of innovators.  Outlining the hazards of current vehicle manufacturing and explaining the need for a smarter alternative, they explained how a new technology base, coupled with 3D printing, has the potential to create a new world: “one with smarter, cleaner, and far more innovative products” that can improve our planet’s sustainability for future generations.

Both students and faculty members alike swarmed around the amphitheater to be photographed beside Blade.  Having printed 3D plastic models in their engineering classes, the students were in awe to see a car-size application of 3D printing technology.  Their excitement and fascination were apparent as they bore witness to what is achievable.  The key takeaway: what we can imagine today is well within the realm of possibility tomorrow.  We don’t look at where technology is today; we look at where it’s going.

And these students are the faces of the future.

We are delighted by their positive reaction and likewise excited for what is to come. The students at Lennox have a bright future ahead of them and we’re beyond thrilled to watch what they will create in the years to follow.

Lennox Academy Master h264 compressed from Wendy Cheng on Vimeo.