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Divergent 3D: The Year in Pictures


It’s been just over a year now since we first introduced Divergent 3D and Blade to the world at the Solid Conference in San Francisco… and what a ride it’s been.


The Solid Conference was the public’s first opportunity to get up close and personal with Blade. The presentation from CEO Kevin Czinger on creating a sustainable path forward for the auto industry was a rousing success and kicked Divergent 3D into high gear.


Over the next 12 months, Divergent moved ahead full throttle. We received worldwide acclaim and were covered in hundreds of news media outlets.


Blade also made several TV appearances including BBC Horizon.


And Blade and our innovative technology behind it even landed us on the cover of Popular Science.


Blade turned heads and received celebrity status everywhere it went. On a trip to LA, Blade was given the Hollywood treatment.


And garnered the attention of A-list celebrities like Jay Leno, seen here talking to Kevin Czinger.


Blade was also the star of several videos including one shot on the landmark Sixth Street Bridge in Los Angeles, just days before the bridge was demolished.


But there was plenty of substance to go along with all of Blade’s style. Divergent 3D received numerous recognition and awards including a Google Solve for X Moonshot for our breakthrough technology that solves a huge problem.


We also took part in presentations with the next generation of Divergent thinkers, inspiring the youth of today who will create the technology of tomorrow.


As we enter year two here at Divergent 3D, the future is bright. Our team remains focused to revolutionize car manufacturing and reduce its harmful environmental impacts on the planet.


It’s been quite a ride for us at Divergent 3D over the last year and we’ve enjoyed meeting so many of you and sharing our vision for a cleaner, greener planet.

We’d like to thank you for your support and invite you all along for the ride as we continue to drive the future.

–Divergent 3D